Created On The Premise

of using professional motorsport engineering expertise to aid your race development, at every level of competition.

Zebulon Motorsport Consulting employs cutting edge engineering practices from the top levels of motorsport, making them available to all levels of motoring competitors. Let's get those track records and wins, Together.

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what does zebulon msc do?

motorsports parts

Zebulon’s design and manufacturing team produce some of the best performing products on the market, helping win championships across the globe. Custom or off-the-shelf, we’re continually working to get you the best of the best!

design and analysis

Need to know more about your vehicle? Our success in top level motorsport series is proof that Zebulon can supply any level of analysis and make it available to everyone. Aerodynamics, Suspension, Powertrain, Chassis development and more are well within Zebulon’s reach

Race Engineering

Pre-event, post-event, and trackside support is very often overlooked in most motorsport series. Zebulon offers pre-event planning, trackside data analysis and vehicle setup support, Endurance race engineering, as well as post-event support

Zebulon MSC exists for one purpose:

help you Go Fast