Story Time

Named after the explorer Zebulon Pike, the namesake of Pikes Peak, Zebulon MSC was founded on the coat tails of a conversation between motorsport students, professionals and enthusiasts discussing the desire to design a vehicle for the infamous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. That desire evolved into a passion for bringing the techniques and knowledge from upper-level professional motorsport to the weekend warrior, and everyone in between.

Zebulon MSC specializes in aerodynamic components, but those are only a small portion of what we do. We are at our heart a motorsport firm that covers everything to make you faster; design, analysis, development, testing, coaching, trackside engineering, management, and just about anything else that can help meet your goals. We strive to bring you the expertise that has helped us win at all levels of motorsport, from SCCA Runoffs to Le Mans.

Ryan Neff

As the Founding member of Zebulon, Ryan is a large part of Zebulon's desire to bring professional motorsport development to the masses.

After completing his Masters of Science, he moved into aerodynamics and composites design and manufacturing. Ryan also consults as a Race Engineer for professional motorsport teams, with a focus on chassis and driver development.

Tyler Neff

Starting with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering that led to over a decade of professional motorsport experience, Tyler brings a wealth of technical knowledge to Zebulon that would be hard to find anywhere else.

In addition to advancing Zebulon's technical department, Tyler currently works as a Race Engineer in the top level of Sportscar racing. Most recently winning the 2023 WEC GTE Am championship, which included a class win at the 100th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.