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  • Dundon Valkyrie 992 Aero Package in Roll+Yaw

    Dundon Porsche Aero Vlog with Special Guest - Zebulon!

    · By Zebulon Motorsport

    Ryan from Zebulon had a visit with Jamie at Dundon Motorsports, where they discussed basic aerodynamics principles and the design of the Valkyrie Aero Package.
  • The art of balance

    What in the world is Aero Balance

    · By Zebulon Motorsport

    Hey everyone, welcome to Zebulon MSC's blog, where we will go over quite a lot of topics related to motorsport, not just aerodynamics! For our initial post, let’s start with Aero Balance, from the basics. Aero balance is a term thrown around often but can be misunderstood. You might hear someone talk about moving their aero balance forward or backward, but what does that mean? Why is aero balance important? First, we need to learn about the Center of Pressure. The center of pressure (CP) is a fundamental concept in aerodynamics. It represents the point along an airfoil or a...