· By Zebulon Motorsport

Dundon Porsche Aero Vlog with Special Guest - Zebulon!

On this Vlog episode, we dive deep into the world of Aerodynamics and Dundon's Porsche Aero Product design.  We chat about basic aerodynamic principles and discuss how we use those principles and what we learn from our time in Professional Motorsports in the design of Aerodynamic parts.  Discover the science and craftsmanship behind these aerodynamic elements, in this case designed specifically for Porsche GT models.

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05:34 What is Aero?

08:32 What is Downforce and Drag

11:43 How Aero effects traction

13:11 What is Slip Angle

18:41 Dive Planes

21:22 Can Aero fix Understeer?

22:38 How certain parts effect cars Aero

25:59 Air Flow

26:46 What is Boundary Layer?

27:57 Attached flow vs detached flow

30:53 Single Blade wing or Dual Blade?

33:49 What is DRS?

35:02 Spoiler Wing Endplates

41:41 Material Construction

44:44 Aero design is car specific?