C5 Corvette Carbon Fiber Splitter

Regular price $1,935.00
Size: Distance from Bumper
Endfence Option: Adds Endfence Mounts, Flat Endfences, and Standard Rub Blocks. Option Required for Upgraded Endfences
Diffuser Option: Adds Diffusers Optimized to this Splitter

Great looks and unparalleled performance?! Double threat!

Zebulon Splitters are designed to produce a pressure differential that results in crucial downforce on the front end of your race car. Our precision-manufactured splitters start with a lightweight foam core CNC cut to bespoke underwing profiles. A proprietary layup process created in-house uses tailored layers of carbon fiber fabric, internal support structures and structural mounting hard points to provide strength and rigidity while keeping the weight down.

Zebulon standard width splitters weigh approximately 6-8lbs but can withstand over 1500lbs of downforce with just four mounting points. No more exposed strut rods or complex bumper cover attachments. It's all about maximizing performance while minimizing weight and complexity!

Check out one of our customers install vid here: C5 Install VIid


  • A mounting kit is NOT included but can be purchased separately
  • Not all vehicles require the use of an air dam; you may have to sort one for your specific install
  • Multiple variations are available, along with custom options. Reach out if you have specific build requirements. 
  • Zebulon splitters are meant to be used with a high lift coefficient wing, it cannot be used without balancing the car in a safe manner
  • Not intended for street use

Our current manufacturing lead time is 6-8 weeks
If you are under a deadline please reach out ahead of time so we can make sure to accommodate your needs

Please contact us if you have any questions