Carbon Rear Diffuser

Regular price $2,550.00

The Zebulon Carbon rear diffuser is a made-to-order part, that is designed to exploit the airflow underneath a race car. Paired with an appropriately designed aero package (and ideally, a flat or tunneled floor) this part can vastly increase a race car's aerodynamic efficiency, adding downforce and even reducing drag.  Designed through our iterative design process utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics validated in a wind tunnel, the strake placement and shape of the diffuser have all been tuned specifically to maximize its overall performance. 


  • This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution
  • Approximate lead time of 8-12 weeks as these are built-to-order
  • Can build for specific fitment, add leading edge flange to meet flat floor, etc.
  • Hard-point mounting locations will be added to all builds

Please contact us if you have any questions