Custom Carbon Fiber Front Splitters for any Car

Regular price $2,085.00

Custom Specification Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

Zebulon splitters are something special, hand-crafted here in the USA, they are profiled to maximize Ground-Effect and minimize weight. All Zeb front splitters start with a lightweight foam core cut in-house on our large format CNC machine to maintain the profiles designed into each splitter. After adding internal support structures and mounting hard points, our team hand lays multiple layers of carbon fiber fabric to create a lightweight composite structure with up to 45,000 Psi of tensile and flexural strength (ASTM D790).   A standard width splitter weighs in at approximately 6-8lbs while being able to withstand over 1500lbs of downforce production with only four mounting points. That's right, no more exposed strut rods, cables, or mounting to your bumper cover! (Unless you just want a monster!)

  • Pricing includes design fee for custom production
  • XXL Splitters may incur a materials cost increase
  • Fully profiled upper and lower surface splitters can be created but will be quoted on a case-by-case basis

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