E36 BMW 3 Series ZWG260 Carbon Rear Wing

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Every Zebulon wing is designed from scratch, drawing upon our top-tier Motorsport expertise and an iterative design process that leverages Computational Fluid Dynamics, validated with wing tunnel and empirical testing. 

The ZWG-260 is a 260mm chord that has dominated Grid Life GLTC, Club TR, TT4/5 and SCCA events since its release (max 1730mm/68in span for GLTC use). It has been specially designed for moderate to high downforce and maximum L/D using a proprietary profile and dynamic AoA across its span. Our attention to detail and focus on R+D and real race results ensures you are getting an exceptionally high performing product for your race car! 


  • Designs for wing mounting applications are geared towards racing use - our focus is strength and light weight.  Hardware is included.  We can work with you on any custom mounting and mount spacing as needed!
  • Custom mounting options include a design fee in total cost
  • Wings are constructed from UV Stable materials, however this does not protect from chemicals, acid rain, contamination, etc.  Clear Coating is available.

Our current lead time is 8-10 weeks
If you are under a deadline please reach out ahead of time so we can make sure to accommodate your needs

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