Titanium Splitter Rub Block Set

Regular price $75.00

Don't let your love of bouncing off kerbs ruin your splitter and race weekend! Designed as a replacement or upgrade for both our proprietary splitter designs or for use on any other splitter - these rub blocks can be bolted into hard points with countersunk bolts like the pro's, or through-bolted onto any material (10-24 threads in block).  Using a neutral airfoil shape that does not induce flow separation along the underside of your splitter, you now have protection without performance loss! Mount them flush with your endfences, or put them at the leading edge for braking protection - these protect any area of your splitter. 

These are made of titanium, as it is more consistent and wear resistant than aluminum, but should not damage the track surface like steel can. All while lasting longer than Jabrock, Aluminum, etc.  

Sold in pairs. 4.25 inches long x .5 inches wide, bolt holes are spaced 1.25 inches center to center for each bolt type.