Zebulon Carbon Fiber "Ankle Cutter" Side Skirts

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The Zebulon "Ankle Cutter" Side Skirt originated many years ago from our design work on Sports Racer Prototypes. Their intent is to control air flowing from the sides of the vehicle to the underbody where there is low pressure. By controlling these flows we can maintain a lower pressure underneath the car, and as such, generate more overall downforce. These skirts function best level with and in close proximity to the ground. These are a great upgrade for cars looking to maximize the underbody of the car, and work even better with flat bottomed cars running a rear diffuser. Don't fall for the imitations you see out there, these are the real deal! They also look rad and get all the attention; watch out all you flip flop wearers, these ones will mess you up in grid!


  • This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution
  • Flat section is 2 inches wide, and the tunneled section is 3.5 inches wide
  • Approximate lead time of 8-10 weeks as these are built-to-order
  • Skirts can be shorter than 69" if needed - inquire about any measurements you don't see listed!

Please contact us if you have any questions