Zebulon Tunneled Splitter Endfences

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The Zebulon Tunneled Splitter Endfences started life through our work on formula car wings back in the early 2000's, specifically front wings in ground effect. Their intent is to control air flowing from the sides of the wing to the very low pressure zone under a high performance formula car wing. By controlling these flows we can maintain a lower pressure under the nose of the car, and as such, generate more front downforce.  Their design also maintains optimal flow attachment into the tunnel section, and they generate a surprising amount of downforce on their own in addition to their augmentation of the splitter downforce being produced.   These parts function best in close proximity to the ground. These are a great upgrade for cars looking to maximize the performance of a front splitter and work even better with splitters that are designed to take advantage of the ground effect like our custom profiled splitters. They also look rad and get all the attention, but don't wear your flip flops around these; they'll mess you up in paddock


  • This is a universal component that will require a custom mounting solution
  • If adding to a Zebulon splitter, we will size and drill bolt pattern appropriately for bolt-on use
  • Lead time is 8-10 weeks

Please contact us if you have any questions